Xiamen Huili District Jiangtou Street: Link Resources Helps Enterprise Recruitment

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Xiamen Huili District Jiangtou Street: Link Resources Helps Enterprise Recruitment

Original title: Huili District Jiangou Street: Link Resources Helps Enterprise Remediation Recently, the staff of Jiangtou Street Economic Service Office and Labor Security in Xiamen Huili District visited enterprises in jurisdiction, understanding the needs of enterprises, and sent accurate Talent policy and service. "Thanks to the street professional, meticulous service, continued to teach the company.

"The founder of Yourudi Group, Zhang Shida, told reporters that as a scientific and technological enterprise focused on the" Internet + Moral Education "education model, Suud Group has been short-term technology expansion and high-end marketing talents.

After understanding the needs of enterprises, Jiangou Street builds platforms, docking resources, and push college recruitment activities, and is the interpretation and recommendation of relevant high-level talent policy information for enterprises.

In order to do a good job in the "three seven" talents in 2021, further broadening the talents and smart channels, guaranteeing the needs of enterprises, and take the initiative to play bridges in Jiangtou streets to link platforms and resources for enterprises and talent links. Since this year, the street has passed actively visiting the enterprise, pushing 20 provincial and foreign colleges and universities, and encourages enterprises with key enterprises in the jurisdiction to encourage companies with recruitment needs to actively sign up.

At present, 8 games have been pushed for 8 games in the jurisdiction, "Xiamen C-bit unlimited amount" urban promotion, policy preaching and campus recruitment.

Talent Working with a company, one with an employed person.

To this end, Jiangou Street actively explores employment positions, focusing on the job of employment positions suitable for college graduates, helping graduates successfully employment. In order to implement the provincial and municipal, the city’s university graduate is notified, the street is also in the jurisdiction of the employment of colleges and universities to work in employment. At the same time, university graduates are encouraged to actively participate in Xiamen University’s special internship, helping 9 college graduates to apply for entrepreneurship rewards, and 4 of them have successfully obtained the self-employment and venue subsidies.

Up to now, the street has been held in the Skills Training. There are 248 unemployed participants, and the project covers the beauty skin care class, the snack class, special snack classes, etc. (Reporter Liao Liping) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Chen Lanyan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.