Shenzhen information industry scale ranks first in the country

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Shenzhen information industry scale ranks first in the country

  (Original title) Shenzhen information industry scale ranked first in the country, the top 100 reporters were selected from the Ninth Electric Expo. Thousands of dollars, ranking first in the country’s large and medium-sized cities; 21 companies were selected for the top 100 Chinese electronic information, ranking first in the country; 11 companies were selected in 2019 China software industry, quantity ranking second . As one of the most complete urban cities in the country, Shenzhen is accelerating the construction of the social carrier, and preliminarily constructs a number of 鲲 Peng industrial agglomeration areas, and strives to build a national Dangpeng Industrial Demonstration Zone.

  According to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, I saw that the Shenzhen Xinchuang Industrial Development Achievement Exhibition Zone, collecting the core enterprises of Xinmaster, Financial applications, energy security, smart transportation, industrial and control industry applications, Presenting the current autonomous technical strength and the status quo of social development. Before the major booths, people were crowded, and a large number of customers came to seek cooperation. At present, Shenzhen is actively building a national Dangpeng Industrial Demonstration Zone. Shenzhen formulated policy measures, successfully promoted the "Some measures on Shenzhen City" and "Shenzhen City to create a national Tupeng Industrial Demonstration Zone Work Plan (2020-2022)", combing the list of Tupeng Application Demonstration Projects, Key Core Technology PR Subscriptions and Rumina Industrial Maps.

  The new trustworthiness of the special fund of the digital economic industry in Shenzhen Industrial and Information Technology, focusing on the foundation software, application software and other fields of the domestic information technology route, as well as CAD, CAE, EDA and other industrial software fields; Two-level supporting letter (Zhu Peng) special funds and special funds are more than 500 million yuan.

At the same time, Shenzhen to create an innovative platform, build the "Shenzhen Bay Innovation Center + Huawei R & D Center + all divided center + key industry letter to the base + laboratory", China Software, China Software, China Great Wall, the adaptation test center. According to reports, Shenzhen promotes the establishment of a letter of credit, strengthens investment promotion, and the key and weaknesses of Shenzhen Xinchuang Industry Chain have been introduced, and the leading enterprises such as unicure, Kirin, Balande, China Software, Qianxin are landed. At present, Shenzhen is working to study on the drafting of the topic policy measures to support the social industry, and promote the introduction of the development of the development of the industry, further optimize the industrial ecological and business environment, grab the high-speed development of the Xinchuang and the Rongpeng Industry, with technological innovation, Product incubation and application demonstrations are the main breakthrough, speeding up a batch of benchmark products and projects to help Shenzhen build a national Rongpeng Industrial Demonstration Zone.

(Shenzhen Special Zone reporter Wu Dequn).