The teaching facility hides the fees "Four hundred"

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The teaching facility hides the fees "Four hundred"

  In July this year, the "double mining" policy of the teaching training industry was destroyed, and the science training heat was gradually cooled.

At the beginning of the policy implementation, this newspaper has been "shakes" "" " Let parents and students feel helpless.

Today, "Double Reduction" policy has been implemented in nearly 4 months, many parents reflect, there are still some "tricks" in order to avoid or delay the refund. The management risk of the teaching gear should not pass to the students and parents, so that the teaching and training institutions should not only send only the moral and conscience of the operator, and we need to further improve the rules and strictly enforce the law.

  Flower Zhao 1/2/2011, the ABC Foreign Language Training School has become the preferred choice for the child to make a child in recent years, due to the close recent years, due to the close, Mr. Liu is a child The school’s three-ring center campus was selected.

However, since the epidemic situation last year, the offline training is suspended, and the child has not waited until the resolution. "During the suspension, we have consulted that it can be changed to online courses, but the school staff said that there is no online class, so we have to report online courses of other institutions.

"Liu Xi Sheng said that there are still some lines of the child, and because the epidemic situation and the" double minus "policy are introduced. He feels that the campus line will be in the case, and apply for a refund. During this time, the staff is presented You can replace the campus, but considering time and other related costs, Mr. Liu refuses. Experienced a saw, and under the coordination of the Fengtai District Education Commission, the two sides finally agree with the quotation of the refund, and the staff will still go. Mr. Liu did not open the relevant receipt of the course.

  Mr. Liu gave the reporter that the agency staff sent to the confirmation refund text message sent by him in August this year. "The refund procedures you submitted, due to the calculation class, the application has been reapplying, the application is already in normal circulation, the fee is returned Question, but refund payment needs to be queued. "The staff also said that it could not be refunded at one time, and strive to be refunded in September.

  However, to the approval period, Mr. Liu did not receive refund. At the end of October, the agency staff sent him a text message, claiming that the ABC foreign language training school has no ability to pay for a refund, and will also turn off all lines, existing students transfer to the line Learn.

"In order to avoid personal losses, it is recommended to transfer to the line, conduct line class or one-on-one learning.

"Liu Xi Sheng said that the advantage of the ABC foreign language training school is online. During the epidemic period, it is because there is no online course, so there is only other institutions. Today, a paper notice from the ABC Foreign Training School, not only refund, but also Ask the students to transfer to the line, parents feel very helpless, "We have already wired the course, do you not add burden to your child? "On November 14th, the reporter came to the bottom of Fengqiao Road, the ABC Foreign Language Training School, the three-ring center campus is located here. However, the door has been replaced with the" Jianlian Junior Growth Center ", and posted on the door "Withdraw the publicity book", it mentioned that the store was withdrawn on October 26th. With the store, we will ensure that the students continue to learn online. "From time to time, someone stopped, through the glass, looking at the empty room.

  "I think the root cause of refund is that the teaching faculty has no orderly development, and the operation is not good leads to problems in cash.

"Liu Xi Sheng said that the parents who have experienced these experiences are not in a minority. I hope that the relevant departments can strengthen law enforcement supervision, and urge companies to take responsibility. Troubled 2 full paragraph, the refund is far from last year, the midwen Ms. Wang gives children The online teaching gear of the main teaching of the Main North American Foreign Teacher VIPKID has purchased 120 courses.

In June of this year, in the case of more than 10 years left, she took nearly 20,000 yuan to buy 120 courses.

With the latter courses completely without activation, with the introduction of the "Double Reduction" policy, Ms. Wang considers that foreign teachers cannot continue to broadcast a live teach in the future, although the institution has launched a live broadcast class to replace a recording course of Zhi Xue’s class, but She felt that the effect was not good, so I applied for a refund to the class teacher. At the beginning of October, after the Class Director was approved, Ms. Wang was in the state of waiting for refund, and was promised to pay in December.

However, in early November, the class teacher sent a refund rule, informing her. Go to the first batch of more than 8,000 yuan of refund.

Ms. Wang believes that parents should have the right to know, and the refund rules should clearly tell the actual application for refund, how much is the amount, because of why, now, how many sections, etc.

The class teacher said that this is the company’s unified, and cannot be modified. After a multi-wheel communication with the class teacher, the agency customer service, VIPKID promised to properly solve the Women’s refund according to the original plan, and now she can do it.

Ms. Wang said, according to her understanding, many parents apply for more refund amount, and the refund cycle is longer.

  Many parents showed the electronic protocol provided by the reporter that the refund cycle was 2 to 3 weeks from the approved refund application date, but in the past two months, many parents still did not receive refund.

The interpretation of institution-related staff is that due to the large amount of refund, the refund cycle will be relatively long, and the current refund time is basically around two months. On November 5, VIPKID has issued a statement in the official Weibo, and the "VIPKID refund channel has been closed", the current refund channel is smooth, and it is refunding in accordance with the rhythm of "batch, installment". The company has basically completed the first batch of refund, and the second batch is in an orderly advancement.

However, there is no specific timeline for batch refund in the statement. Flowers 3 Replacement of Shopping Points, the price is high, and the lady has been attracted to one-on-one online training for 51talk foreign teachers. I bought a lesson for the child. Today, foreign teachers have been replaced with Chinese, one-on-one teaching methods have also become a couple. Since weekends can’t learn online, it is difficult to talk about it in the week. After a few months, Ms. Shen finds that the child’s learning effect is not good, and the idea of ??refunding.

  Through consultation, institutional staff proposes a refund plan – the unopened course can be converted to the mall integral, purchase the goods on the specified platform, the corresponding course amount according to the proportion of 1: 1, the corresponding points are exchanged. The shopping platform must enter the account that has been registered with 51TALK, although there are several categories of liquor, drink tea, household appliances, but Shen Shen discovered that the platform is significantly higher than the market price, and many Things even want points to add cash to purchase.

  A few days ago, the 51talk staff sent 3 1111 yuan redemption courses, and the program can also exchange 1 pair of 8, 1 pairs of 50 literacy lessons in addition to the platform shopping replacement. Waiting for the mall, can also be transformed into adult courses. However, Ms. Li believes that these are not practical, still looking forward to refunding.

  Ms. Citizen also puts a refund application to 51TALK, and the optional programs also include deducting 25% of the liquidated damages, only 75% of the cost.

However, Ms. Ms., showed that the institutional staff had promised that the undisked course will be refunded, which is one of the reasons why she is not willing to accept the present. Many interviewed parents reflected, the background showed their electronic protocol to revise in June this year, and the revised protocol contains more than a certain term to deduct a default or have the right to refuse to refuse to refill the refund. The original terms have been covered. , Unable to query, this is also a dispute focus in the refund process. The reporter learned that the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has got in contact with a number of parents, which is currently actively coordinated. This newspaper will continue to pay attention.