Shanxi starts the energy revolution "minus, excellent, green" attack

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Shanxi starts the energy revolution "minus, excellent, green" attack

  Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan September 24 (Reporter Zhao Donghui, Liang Xiaofei) 5G technology enters smart mine, abandoned mine transform storage power station, heavy-duty car pilot using hydrogen fuel cell … Up, "coal boss" is a new boom . At the end of May this year, the central government’s comprehensive deepening reform committee meeting reviewed the "Opinions on the Pilot of the Energy Revolution in Shanxi", the provincial government of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee launched a series of major initiatives, one with "minus, excellent, green" as The energy revolution of the breakthrough is striving to fully start in Shanxi. "Rich coal, lack of oil, less gas" is a major feature of China’s energy endowment. Realization of coal clean and efficient development and utilization, is a hurdle in Shanxi’s transition development.

  In the founder of New China, Shanxi has been "coal boss" in Shanxi. It has the history of "lighting the whole world", and has also encountered structural imbalances, economic stagnation, ecological destruction of skin pain. In the practice of the structural reform of the supply side, the resources of resource-based economic transformation, Shanxi is firmly embarrassed to "minus, excellent and green" roads.

  At the same coal group, the main tons of Mine Mountain Coal Mine, the operator sits in the scheduling center to light the mouse, and the coal mining equipment underground will automatically operate, and the source is constantly transporting "Wujin" to the ground. Not long ago, the coal belt patrolman here is replaced by the robot. Three years closed 9 mines, the modern tannium mine increased to 9 … In just a few years, the coal group has paid a social premium, and the stroke is difficult to lose weight, and it is a foot in the energy revolution.

  In the past three years, Shanxi has cumulatively resolved 88.41 million tons of coal overproduction, and coal advanced production capacity increased from 36% to 68%, a batch of green mining pilot launched, coal mine intelligent transformation, abandoning mine re-developed the schedule, coal New materials, modern coal chemicals have steadily advanced, and the "gold content" "new amount of gold" "containing new amount" is greatly improved.

  Green, low carbon, diversified, efficient, intelligent, is the direction of global new round of energy development.

Promoting new energy replacements with comprehensive reforms is the "must-answer question" of the energy revolution. The coal is commonly known as "gas", which is a unconventional natural gas associated with coal. Due to the unreasonable mineral setting, the block investment standard is low, some companies have long-standing resources "circles and don’t explore, do not pick up", causing the development capabilities to find the "battlefield", put The pace of coalbed methane mining was slow. Recently, the state authorizes Shanxi to formulate coalbous exploration and mining management methods, take the lead in piloting coalbed methane, causing sandstone gas, shale gas "three gas" totaling, putting Coalbed Transfer Development Project Releases Shanxi Management, some long-term presence of institutional Obstacles, mechanism of obstruction is broken. Dare to hard and break the path dependence, Shanxi also set up a "ceiling" for coal production, and the "hard task" of the total amount of coal consumption is proposed, which makes new energy to develop space.

  Shanxi Coalbed Parameters Ground extraction currently accounts for 90% of the country, wind power, photovoltaic installed, more than 30%, multi-wheel driven energy structure is being formed.

  In the face of the new situation of major innovation in the global energy field, the subversive technology continues to emerge, Shanxi is anxious, and the energy industry is innovative and consumption, consumption as a "main battlefield".

  In the "coal" Datong, 50 hydrogen fuel bus officially launched at the end of June this year, and the hydrogen production station can produce 500 kg of hydrogen every day. It can be filled with a bus in three five minutes, and the endless mileage is 500. kilometer.

  Through the preparation of energy technology revolutionary planning and roadmap, Shanxi focused coal-based resource high-end transformation, hydrogen energy, advanced energy storage, carbon capture and storage, etc., to create a global energy innovation strategy source.

  In the past, the sea is turned into "Hydropal".

Since this year, many old coal companies in Shanxi have been invested, attracting global energy leaders such as AP, France, Ahaiva, Germany, have signed an agreement or technical cooperation.

  In July this year, Shanxi selected the first batch of 10 key core technologies. In Peking University, Tsinghua University is a global "hero post", Austria AVL Lister, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the top scientific research team successfully revealed.

  A fluent energy revolution was kicked off in the ancient Sanjin. (over).