Strong love extraordinary condense

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Strong love extraordinary condense

In the case of trouble, the brothers (county) are helped. On October 31, the Shanda Town Yulaun Village Co., Ltd., Duzhong District, and the Chinese Chartered Patients, and the Chinese chart breeding professional cooperatives, etc. Cabbage, spinach, etc., 875 kg, and 5200 yuan of vegetables are sent to the West District. In the case where the epidemic situation is suddenly severe, the "warm" of their respective enterprises is sent to the residents of the home isolation of the street epidemic prevention and control area; November 2, Xining National Economic and Technological Development Zone Dongchuan Industrial Park Management Committee organizes Asian Silicon Industry (Qinghai) Co., Ltd., China Pharmaceutical Conservation Qinghai Co., Ltd., China Resources Qinghai Medical Co., Ltd., Qinghai Nord New Material Co., Ltd. 4 companies preparation for disposable masks, protective clothing, 84 disinfectant and other materials and 30 The special fund of the million finals, condolences to the grassroots staff who struggle in the emergence of the epidemic prevention and control of the city, contributing social forces to fight the epidemic; On November 3, the county government in Haidong City, the county government, the brothers of the same boat, generously , Transport charcoal in the snow, raise local enterprises, yak, beverage, fruits and vegetables, mixed food, bread cakes, etc. 150,000 yuan of anti-vloys; In addition, Xining Qihe Environmental Art Co., Ltd., Qinghai The person in charge of the two love enterprises in Xuefeng Yak Dairy took the initiative to contact "home", donated 50,000 yuan of anti-vlotenic funds and 10,000 yuan of anti-vlotranship materials … fully showing the people of all walks of life to help, the same boat is affectionate. Chamber of Commerce has also generously posetted, conceived, and hard work. The representatives of the material people have actually active, deliver confidence and love with practical actions. On October 27, the first time, Zhang Wei, donated more than 1,200 new epidemic prevention points such as Xinghai Road, and insisted on the delivery of free food for the first-line anti-vangent person; October 31, the representative Xiao Li Ting organizes the company’s employees Sea Road street donated mineral water, washing flash, yoghurt, toothpaste, slippers and other living materials; on November 3, representative Luo Gan to the emergence of protective clothing, gloves, protective masks, etc., etc. … "We are with the streets, the community is a partner. It is a relative. In this way, they are hurting for everyone, we are very touched and very distressed, can do a little thing for them is also what we look forward to.

"There is a representative. After the Xining City West District CPPCC, after he learned that the street staff of Xinghai Road urgently donated 100,000 yuan of life necessities worth more than 100,000 yuan, and sent to the love fast food … and a lot of CPPCC Members donated instant noodles, milk, mineral water, and pillows, washing effort, etc.

In the past few days, the people of the Chengxi District are also actively fighting against the epidemic. In the streets of Shengli Road, Sun Hui, the person in charge of Jinghui Property, purchased the worth 10,000 yuan, and sent it to the hands of the street staff.

In Pengjiazhai Town, Xi Zhang Wahui and Chengxi District Heyu Tang Huang Dining Active and Chenguxi District Government, indicating that there is a free lunch for the epidemic prevention personnel. After communication, the four nucleic acid detection sampling point staff for Pengjiazhai Town is available free of charge.