Use "conscious" power to find the "reliable starting point" of core literacy effectively and land – the "Conscious Education Thought" Academic Summit held in Changzhou

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Use "conscious" power to find the "reliable starting point" of core literacy effectively and land – the "Conscious Education Thought" Academic Summit held in Changzhou

On April 22, 202, the national "Conscious Education Thought ‘Academic Summit – China Education Teaching Method · Changzhou Express" is held in Changzhou, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Huanye, Tian Jiabing Junior Middle School, attracted The 12 "Conscious Education" alliances from the country, 15 grassroots workstations and more than 600 guests have participated in various places. This summit is the theme with the "core of the essential core of the classroom transformation, the wisdom of teaching and innovation" is the topic, with the presence of the main subject practitioners as the carrier, through structured, coherent special lectures and classroom demonstrations, The school classroom teaching efficiency improvement and high quality development, unfoldting full holographic, deeply interpreted, interpretation and demonstration. This summit focuses on prospective teaching concept, classroom teaching example, promotion of professional ability, teaching form, focusing on the cultivation of students’ core literacy. The on-site experts have made all three, multi-angles in the form of lectures, seminars, famous teachers’ demonstrations, live interactive exchanges. Through the full interaction with experts, the audience has a deeper understanding and understanding of the cultivation strategy of student disciplines and key competencies. The National Master Studio Development Practice Research Project sponsor, Dean, Secretary of the School of Education, Beijing, said that the teacher studio is a pioneering in the education of teachers, leading the teacher to excellence.

It is understood that the development of various local name studios has passed a batch of discipline leaders and transcriptional leaders in the education industry.

In recent years, various places have emerged a number of vitality, influence education teaching, "conscious education ideas" is one of them, and the auxiliary teachers use "conscious" power to find the reliable "fulcrum of education teaching behavior ".

The former deputy director of the Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education, the vice president of the China Education Development Strategy Society, believes that the exploration of core literacy is the highlight of this meeting, and the education experts have multi-angle, all-round elaboration.

Hu Peng, deputy secretary of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Party Committee, has been highly affirmed by "Conscious Education Thoughts", commended this idea to have theoretical depth, practical validity, radiation, and sustainable innovation.

Li Jun, the principal of Tianjiabing, Changzhou, Changzhou City, and Li Jun, the head of Changzhou Conscious Education Alliance, introduced the establishment of the conscious education alliance school. In the event, the Beijing Zhongli Education Research Institute and Changzhou "Conscious Education Alliance" jointly organized a gift event, participating in the school, including Changzhou Tianjiabing Junior Middle School, Changzhou River Sea Experimental School, Changzhou Lihua Middle School, Changzhou City Qi Dynasty Middle School, Changzhou Dongqing Experimental School, Changzhou Fourth Middle School, Changzhou Xinguan Middle School.

Conscious education initiator, the national famous famous teacher studio president Pan Jianming used the "conscious concept" to teach the nine grade mathematics class "One dollar equation", he adopted "Double Collection" to teach teachers and students, so that the audience It is more intuitively to see the basic samples of the conscious class.