Shaanxi Baoji High-tech Zone Wei Shuiyuan Community: A total of resident sharing help harmonious communities

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Shaanxi Baoji High-tech Zone Wei Shuiyuan Community: A total of resident sharing help harmonious communities

First, the background Bao Chicken High-tech Zone Wei Shuyuan Community was established in March 2011, and there is a clear water river in the jurisdiction, west to Dragon Road, south to Xibao, north, about 2.5 million square meters.

13 residential communities such as District A, B, B, and new starters in the community, 31 enterprises and institutions, and more than 300 small shops, planned by 9800 households, 32,300 people, now 4859 households, 16034 people.

18 existing staff in the community, 110 participants, (8 of which mobile party members), in-service party members came to the community to report 599. In recent years, the "Community is my home, building the construction of everyone", with the joint construction of the company, and strive to explore the new structure of the regionalized party building, carry out community joint activities, and vigorously cultivate District units, various organizations, and all members of the geographical consciousness, participation consciousness, public service awareness, showing the good situation of "resident community, building community, sharing community resources", and has played a well-being in enterprises and institutions. The role of community construction has promoted the comprehensive development of community undertakings. Second, the practice (1) Standardize the community party construction in the system. The Zi Shuyuan Community puts the total construction activities as a means of improving the management innovation of community service levels. Relying on the community party construction joint meeting, realizing the expansion and extension of the community party building to the party organization of the community unit.

The community party building joint association system has been developed, and the "total residential construction agreement" is signed with 9 enterprises and institutions, and the long-term mechanism, community and jurisdictions jointly study the difficulties encountered in the community construction. And problems, stimulating a total of resident co-construction, and actively promoting the in-depth development of communities resident co-construction activities.

Second, it is to raise awareness, create a total of atmosphere, guiding the unit unit, and the residents are actively involved in co-construction and continuously expand their participation and influence.

(2) Activity as a carrier, mobilize party members’ active community party organizations according to party members, adhere to the classification guidelines, and have a targeted party active carrier.

One is to carry out "the party members enter the community, serve the mass zero distance" activities, according to the distribution, specialties and volunteers of in-service party members, combined with the needs of community masses, volunteer services such as community environmental health, public security patrol, scientific and technological legal publicity, poverty alleviation disabled Team.

Since launch, the community party volunteers participate in various volunteer service hours, more than 10,000 volunteer service, driving 12 communities to establish 12 volunteer service organizations, and the number of registered volunteers reached more than 3,000 people, which strongly promoted the thriving of community volunteers. .

The second is to jointly carry out community volunteer love activities. The 9 residential units actively participated in the "爱 微 爱 as love" volunteer service activities in the community. High-tech traffic police brigade, high-tech and one small, high-tech property, municipal quality supervision bureau, high-tech and a child, Dongshu District Health Service Center, High-tech Food and Drug Administration, Ma Ying Police Station, High-tech Law Enforcement Brigade respectively claimed "Civilization Guidance" "" Home Economics Repair "" Love "" Watching Education "" Medical Rescue "" Convenience Help People "" Public Security Patrol "" Law Enforcement is the people "community volunteer love card, better serving residents. The third is to help offset the poverty.

Community actively carried out "party construction to lead the poor, help rural precision poverty alleviation" activities, and organize daily necessities for fundraising worth 5,000 yuan to give Ren Jianshan Village, Xiuxi Town, "Love Supermarket", build "Love Rainbow Bridge", help accurate Poverty alleviation.

(3) Together, the people are fundamentally, play the role of party organizations.

The community has signed a joint agreement with the Ma Ying Town Police Station, strengthens the group defense, and solves the problem of contradiction disputes, safety hazards, and promotes the community’s security and stability; and launched high-tech and one small joint "four and a half "Classroom", to solve the worries after school after school in the jurisdiction; establish a joint system with high-tech hospitals, oral hospitals and community health service stations, and provide more convenient medical services for community residents for the district residents; and high-tech Building Materials City held the "High-tech Materials Excellence Tennis Friendship"; jointly launched "cultivate good home winds, inherit good family training" with the Baoji City Food and Drug Administration, Baoji High-tech First Primary School; The hall, Wanbang Shu City held the "Book of Book as a companion, and civilized peers" reading year activities. The Community Party Branch has broughtted to the role of residential unit functions, strengthened communication with the resident units, and actively carried out a total of resident construction activities and was well received by party members. Third, the effectiveness (1) Effective consolidation of the core status of the leadership of community party organizations.

By carrying out all the total resident construction work, the community party organizations strengthen the leadership responsibilities of the total resident building more clearly, the channel between the unit and community party organizations is more broad, and the way is more wide, and the way is more active. The conscious consciousness of co-construction is significantly increased, and the organization’s coordination in community party organizations has been further consolidated, and the core status of the leadership is more consolidated. (2) Effectively enhance the responsibility awareness of residential units to participate in the community.

By carrying out a total of resident construction work, the residential unit actively exerts the project effect, actively strengthens contact with the community, actively planning a total of work to build work, and guide the mobilization of all parties to participate in the community work.

All units carefully perform their duties, actively cooperate with implementation, actively participate in the community management society, service residents, and maintain stability, the residential units have expressed that they must actively have an idea, and jointly maintain the stable and harmonious and harmony of the jurisdiction. Do a good job in service residents. (3) Effective improvement of the ability of community maintenance social stability.

By carrying out a total of resident construction work, the organization leadership system in community maintenance and stability work is basically established, and the effective operating mechanism is more perfect, covering the basic formation of comprehensive work networks, which constitutes a wide range of maintenance and stable work team basically established, Community is the core, residential unit, shop store, resident masses to participate, and the maintenance and stability of the group defense is basically formed. (4) Effective improvement of the level of the community service residents.

By carrying out a total of resident and resident units, the participating parts of the residents of the residents is more rich, and the field is more extensive. The measures are more beautiful, the effectiveness is more clear, and the ability of the community to meet the demand for residents’ diversification services has been strengthened, the residents The sense of identity of the community has greatly improved.

(Editor: Huang Wei, Yan Yan).