Western Avenue Air Force A Battlefield Cultural Service Team helps training to prepare for war

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Western Avenue Air Force A Battlefield Cultural Service Team helps training to prepare for war

  Gas doors, slide out, accelerate … The war goes out of the sky, straight up.

Autumn Tianshan Nanyi has already flying snow fluttering, cold air bursts. At the 4,700-meter plateau stationed, a tour of the Western Avenue Air Force is a tour of the Air Force, the pilot drunk the valley, the more snowy mountains, the breakfield, and the troops are in full swing.

"Everyone trains warm in harsh environments, ‘Tianshan Xuelian’ warfield cultural service team does not." The pilot Liu Jin letters said.

  The base leader told reporters that "Tianshan Xuelian" battles cultural service team walked, climbing the snow mountain, turning over the mountain, laid 20 days, in-depth troops carried out the civil service activities of the battlefield, and were warmly welcomed.

  According to reports, the unit belongs in the base of the base in the snowy plateau, the cultural life is relatively boring in the tread of climate. In 2012, they set up the "Tianshan Snow Lotus" Warring Culture Service Team, combined with the theme education content, through the field of literary performances, advanced typical excavation, combat songs, and taking the field culture backbone training, the grassroots training to prepare for the fuel .

  "Tianshan Snow Lotus" Watland Cultural Service Team distinguishes the timing, object, troop characteristics, etc. to create a different content of literary works. They use the "Can God" "Sheng Wan" as the theme, put the tradition of the fault to the script, will "move" the hero "to move", let the battle story into the whole process, tailor-made special works for different units, Playing the war, political work, condense, inspiring, and motivating the function of the function.

Before the performance, they solved the grassroots opinions, collect creative materials, and in-depth understanding of hero model things, excellent traditional and heavy red history.

In the performance, it is fully reflected that the programs of the border guards training the fighter-warming season make officers and soldiers praise.

  When the "Tianshan Snow Lotus" Watland Cultural Service Team is performed by a task detachment, they choose a relatively flat open space to build an open-air stage.

When the performance, suddenly scraped the wind, the temperature dropped, the officers wearing a thick military big dress, and several team members danced, like the snow lotus blooming in the wind … Some brigade Liu Linqiang watched the show The voice: "The wonderful performance of the cultural service team, let us feel the attention of the superior, feel the charm of the field of literature, everyone feels excited.

"Going forward, deep into the first line. In recent years," Tianshan Snow Lotus "Watland Cultural Service Team has more than 100,000 kilometers, more than 20 times in-depth fighting of 4,500 meters above the region, the execution of more than 30,000 people, powerful Help the troops to prepare for the war. The short commemoration battle and the song culture service enters the battle position. It has always been an important magic weapon for my military enemy. Song, it is the beginning of our military literary fighters. Western The "Tianshan Snow Lotus" battle field cultural service team, using loyalty and passion, to practice the initial mission of the new era of the military literary and art workers, and help the training of the military to prepare for the results. Their practice proves again: realize the strong army target of the party in the new era. It is inseparable from the power of strong military culture, insepacking military literature and art, can’t open the hard work of military literary workers. Good battlefield literary performances, not only enriching the spiritual cultural life of grassroots officers and men, but also helps the people The army red gene is condensed with the martial economy in the subtlety. Their practice also inspire us: cultural services to the battlefield, people are more important. The performance must always focus the theme, close to officers and men life, foothold Real, do a precision service, send a deep, temperature performance to the officers and soldiers, so that the strong military culture truly becomes the "booster" that enhances combat power.