Xiyu: 300 5G base station is built this year

13/05/2022 0 Comments

Xiyu: 300 5G base station is built this year

Citizens handle five G business.

"This 5G network is a real block. Since I use this 5G network, I usually download a movie for 3 seconds. This 5G network makes me feel more intelligent and more convenient.

"Ms. Zhao, Ms. Zhao said happily. At present, the county 5G communication technology is mainly used in three scenarios, that is, enhances mobile broadband, ultra high reliable low-time extension letter and massive machine class communication.

Among them, enhancing the audience of mobile broadband is a general citizen, simply, is on the basis of 4G to speed up the network, providing a more ultimate application experience for mobile Internet users. "The transmission speed of the 5G signal can reach 1000 trillion per second, 10 times the 4G signal, and the time delayed from one thousandth, with a high rate, low delay.

"Wang Taizhong, the main committee of Xiyuo Mobile Company Engineering, said, will also be actively docked with various medical institutions and enterprises, apply 5G technology to industrial control, telemedicine, etc. Special application scenarios. In order to integrate into the economic circle, Chuang China Baiqiang County inserted wings. (Text / Figure Chen Qiang, Jiang Yong) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.