People’s art comments: "Chinese Wedding" witnesses the inheritance of love from Weng Yue’s perspective

03/01/2001 0 Comments

People’s art comments: "Chinese Wedding" witnesses the inheritance of love from Weng Yue’s perspective

  As the saying goes, "Marriage is not a matter of two people, it is a matter of two people." It is not only an important node for love, but also the key starting point for the two families to "intersection with each other." During the combination of two families, the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law has always attracted much attention, and Weng Yi’s relationship is often ignored. Recently, the emotional reality show "Chinese Wedding -My Daughter is Married" (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Wedding 》) Putting the camera on Weng Yi’s relationship, supplemented the important part of family life.

  "Fuxi is married, and the son -in -law has a matchmaker." Marriage has been one of the major events in life since ancient times. Love to let people come together, and the responsibility to the home is an important foundation of a home.

"China Wedding" has a different approach to show the subtle atmosphere of "drama tension" during the wedding preparations in the model of "Weng Yi’s three days of living" to show the inheritance of love during the wedding preparation. Through 7 pairs of newlywed families, the whole process recorded how Weng Yi’s life broke the ice for three days. From the communication between his father -in -law and his son -in -law, he showed the importance of "responsibility". In the process, the show excavated the sense of love ritual under the romantic colors behind the wedding, as well as the interweaving and integration of various relationships such as husband and wife, father and daughter, Weng Ying, etc., showing a lot of life, causing deeper audiences to deepen the audience Thinking level.

  As an emotional program, "Chinese Wedding" carefully explores the real life. Every family faces many practical problems. For example, in the first issue, the groom’s father -in -law lived with his eighty -year -old father -in -law for many years. Because his daughter was going to marry home, his father -in -law resigned and worked in stability. Re -finding a job in order to take care of his father -in -law. The groom saw his father -in -law’s uncomfortable job and was depressed, but he could not solve it. The scene once became embarrassing, but the inheritance of family responsibilities had taken root at that moment. The second episode of the program not only contains problems such as single -parent families, but also many realistic marriage problems such as domestic violence and color gifts. These vivid examples all show that the road to marriage needs to be continuously tolerant and growing.

  In addition, "Chinese Wedding" not only has the inquiry of "love" of emotional programs, but also fully combines the development of reality. It has the thick soil of realism. "The change. For example, in the first episode, the bride was a rural independent woman. At the age of 15, she took care of her grandfather and was admitted to graduate students while teaching. The groom is a new farmer. After graduating from college, regardless of the puzzlement of everyone, he resolutely returned to his hometown to help farmers to drive farmers to drive the local economy.

In their lives, I saw a small epitome of the revitalization of the countryside, and saw the same frequency resonance between Xiaojia and "everyone". Although the road of love and marriage is difficult and long, these real new wedding stories in the show can still be encouraged and help more people re -think the meaning of marriage.

"Responsibility" is the cockpit stone of marriage, and it is also a driving force for love.